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How to find out if DR3000 is 8mb or 32mb.
Last Updated 4 years ago

Initially, the DR3000 was produced with 8Mb memory but with the rapid advance of features, this was later changed to 32Mb. This means that the 8Mb models do not support IP Remote Programming or Linked Capacity Plus

To determine if a given DR 3000 repeater contains 8MB of memory then check the S/Tanapa label. DR 3000 repeaters containing one of the following S/Tanapa numbers contain 8MB of memory (all other DR 3000 repeaters contain 32MB):

 PMUE2390AAEAA DR 3000 UHF1 (25-40W)
 PMUE2390AAE DR 3000 UHF1 (25-40W)
 PMUE2390BAEAA DR 3000 UHF1 (25-40W)
 PMUD2091AAEAA DR 3000 VHF (25-45W)
 PMUD2091AAE DR 3000 VHF (25-45W)
 PMUD2091BAEAA DR 3000 VHF (25-45W)
 PMUD2092AAEAA DR 3000 VHF (1-25W)
 PMUD2092BAEAA DR 3000 VHF (1-25W)
 PMUE3017AAEAA DR 3000 UHF1 (1-25W)
 PMUE3017BAEAA DR 3000 UHF1 (1-25W)
 PMUE3084AAEAA DR 3000 UHF2 (1-40W)

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