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How to add logo on DP and DM radios
Last Updated 2 years ago

Open paint, select new.
Resize the new image to size that fits your radio:
160 pixel (width) * 72 pixel (height) and 256 color for Mobile
132 pixel (width) * 90 pixel (height) and 256 color for Portable Full Keypad model
132 pixel (width) * 72 pixel (height) and monochrome color for Portable Limited Keypad model.
open your logo using paint, and resize it so it fits the size of the radio field but maintain aspect ratio, for example rezise it to the lower value of the required image, in case of a mobile 72 pixel.
copy the logo and paste it into the image you created at the begining and center the logo on that image.
Save the image as .bmp 256 color bitmap.

import to appropriated codeplug based on the image size.

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