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What parts / spares / tools do I need to replace the battery contacts on the DP4000 series radios?
Last Updated 2 years ago

To carry out the repair of the battery contacts connector on the DP4000 series radios, the person doing the repair on these radios will need the following hardware:
T3 and T6 Torx screwdrivers (Not available through Motorola)
1 x PMLN6208 Chassis and knob opener
1 x NLN9839 Vacuum pump
1 x NTN4265 Pressure pump
2 x 5871134M01 Connector fitting
2 x 3271133M01 Fitting seal (I think these may come in bags of 10, so only one bag would be required)
Additionally, they would require a hot air soldering/de-soldering station, RoHS solder paste

For consumables they would require:
1185937A01 grease for seals (as needed)
54012316001 Air ventilation label (one per repair)
3286058L01 Gasket (one per repair)
09012098002 Battery Contact Connector (one per repair)
SL000213A01 Battery Contact Seal (one per repair)
32012097001 Main O ring seal (as needed, but recommended to replace at each repair)
32012269001 Seal, Top Control (as needed, but recommended to replace at each repair)
38012017001 rubber plug (as needed)

Please follow the replacement procedures and vacuum/pressure testing procedures as outlined in the Basic Service Manual (available on our ftp server, or on MOL)

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