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How to connect Peltor WS Alert XPI to DP3441 via bluetooth
Last Updated 2 years ago

Step1: Upgrade DP3441 to R2.9 or above so that the radio will have "Bluetooth Audio and Radio Programming" license.

Step2: configure side button for
  • Bluetooth Connect
  • Bluetooth Disconnect
  • Bluetooth Discoverable On/Off
Step3: Turn on Peltor Headset

Step4: Long press "M" (Menu) button (2 Sec) to enter to Menu

Step5: Short press "M" button to go to Bluetooth setting

Step6: Short press "+" to turn on Bluetooth pairing

Step7: press the "Bluetooth Connect" assigned button on DP3441. The radio should find the headset and connect automatically. You will hear a repeating "Incomming Call" message

Step8: Short press Bluetooth button on the headset

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