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New version of CPS 2.0 - what you need to know
Last Updated 9 months ago

In mid-2019 Motorola released an all-new version of Mototrbo CPS which has been named CPS 2.0 and it has completely replaced the legacy CPS which ended with version CPS 16, Build 828. Please see the description below, regarding the differences between legacy CPS and CPS 2.0

Legacy CPS 16:
i) Can read and write to all Mototrbo radios with firmware version between 2.4 and 2.9
ii) Creates a ".ctb" file when you save a codeplug
iii) Supports repeater IP programming
iv) Cannot read radios with firmware 2.10 or higher
v) Cannot be installed on a PC with another version of legacy CPS

CPS 2.0
i) Can read and write to all Mototrbo radios with firmware between 2.4 and 2.10 and higher
ii) Creates a ".ctb2" file when you save a codeplug. NB* A ".ctb2" file CANNOT be used by legacy CPS
iii) Does NOT support IP repeater programming. You need to use Radio Management (RM) for this.
iv) Can be installed on same PC as legacy CPS
v) Can open a legacy ".ctb" codeplug

What to do if your radio has firmware version 2.3 or earlier?
i) Install firmware update version 2.9 on your PC
ii) Using CPS 16, update your radio to version 2.9

Some notes about firmware versions...

i) Motorola recommends that ALL repeaters in a system should be using the same version of firmware
ii) It is not necessary for all radios in a system to have the same version of firmware, or even the latest version. Having mixed versions is perfectly ok, except that the earlier versions may have limited features and improvements enabled.


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