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How to add offline map to Trbonet Dispatcher
Last Updated 6 years ago

1. First to download a map tool and install it from this location:

2. Open Google map, find the area to save, take a screenshot by pressing "print screen" and save a .jpg using paint. or use already saved image. Supported formats are .bmp,jpg,png,gif and .tiff
3. OpenGPS Tool studio installed in point 1.
4. Click on Map>New map, select image you like to use.
5. Keep tile size unchanged and click OK
6. At Wizard step 1. Select your region where your image is from and select the longitude/Latitude.
7. Leave datum as WGS84 and click next
8. At wizard step 2. Select linear or polar depending on how the image is that you used, usually when google map is used it´s linear, but google earth is polar.
9. At wizard step 3, here you need to click on 3 points on the map, best is to have them different, for example one in right top corner, one in left down corner and 1 in the center.
Each point you need to give it correct coordinates and google earth can be used to find the coordinates on the point you click on.  best is to use points are are easy to find on google earth.
10. when done select file>Save MapLib as and save it on a location on the PC.

11. Open Trbonet dispatcher and select MAP>Open new map in a tab
12. Change Map Type to Mapblib map format
13. Click on add and select the file saved in step 10.
14. Select it on the list and click OK.
Map appears and is ready to be used.

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