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Is there any restriction to install TRBOnet on a virtual server?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Installation and usage of TRBOnet in a Virtual environment will have the following restrictions:

1. Radio devices (Control stations) should be connected via an IP connection (Swift Agents or TRBOnet Software Agent from another PC).
A virtualized USB connection is possible, however, we do NOT recommend and cannot guarantee operational stability using such a virtualized connection.

2. Virtual machine Hardware IDs may change which will lead to an Invalid License.

To prevent or avoid a Hardware ID change, perform the following action:
  • Disable UAC, firewall, antivirus and Windows update on the Virtual host and Virtual Environment.
In the following cases, as the Hardware ID may change, inform us before doing the change.
  • If critical updates to the Virtual environment are to be installed, install them manually, or, after an automatic update is completed, disable automatic Windows update again.
  • Updates or upgrades to the Virtual host.
  • Changes to resource allocation on Virtual environment

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